February 11, 2021

Hot water makes the colder months bearable and more comfortable. If your water heater is not heating up or functioning properly, repairs or a replacement may be necessary. Even if your heating... Continue reading

January 20, 2021

Many homeowners worry about heating oil costs during the colder months. During winter, heating costs usually increase because of the high fuel demand. Fortunately, there are different steps you... Continue reading

December 1, 2020

Before we head into a long, dark, and cold winter, fall provides the perfect time to schedule maintenance for the heating system of your upstate NY home. Fred F. Collis & Sons offers... Continue reading

November 13, 2020

When winter hits Utica, NY, you know you're going to need to rely on your heating systems to get you through the long cold months. Furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and fireplaces are the primary... Continue reading

October 22, 2020

Did you know that October is Energy Awareness Month? Give us a call to schedule your FREE Home Energy Assessment to start the process today and we'll help you find out what efficiency upgrades you... Continue reading

September 25, 2020

Free insulation and air sealing, water saving showerheads, and freezer or refrigerator replacements are just some of the free incentives from the EmPower New York Program. Learn how you can... Continue reading

September 3, 2020

Watch and learn how insulation can keep your Upstate New York home comfortable, even through the harsh winters and the muggy summers. Fred F. Collis & Sons offers free energy assessments to... Continue reading

August 17, 2020

Want to reduce your cooling bills this year? Fred F. Collis & Sons digs into three of the top reasons your air conditioning costs may be higher than they should be, and how you can reduce your... Continue reading

July 23, 2020

Insulation is key in the winter, but also in the summer. Just as it contains the heat inside your home during cold months, insulation also protects against the hot temperatures in the summer.... Continue reading