Gas Fireplaces

gas fireplaces utica ny fred collisGas fireplaces provide your home with both beauty and comfort, and now it’s easier than ever to enjoy the warmth of a fireplace with gas fireplaces from Fred F. Collis & Sons. Our gas fireplaces don’t require a chimney, and we’re able to vent them directly through a wall or the roof. Air is drawn in from the outside and vented to the outside, so warm house air isn’t consumed, and there’s no competition with other appliances and furnaces for combustion air. Drafts and heat loss normally associated with fireplaces is eliminated because of the direct venting of these gas fireplaces as well.

For decades, Fred F. Collis & Sons has been meeting the gas fireplace needs of the area. We take great pride in our quality Napoleon gas fireplace lineup, and we think you’ll love them, too. Not only do gas fireplaces make for improved home comfort, they also become the centerpiece of any room in which they’re installed. Our professional technicians are specially trained to install gas fireplaces, and they take pride in the work they do in your home. We strive to meet your gas fireplace needs with courtesy, professionalism and expertise.

Fred F. Collis & Sons provides comprehensive services for gas fireplaces.

Gas Fireplaces Service Area CNYYou can count on Fred F. Collis & Sons to provide you with the best in gas fireplaces. For your convenience, we have a complete listing of gas fireplace services, including:

At Fred F. Collis, we take pride in providing our customers with the best gas fireplace services possible. We proudly stand behind our workmanship and our full lineup of gas fireplaces. We work hard to make you happy and comfortable, and we’re not happy until you’re completely satisfied with the work we’ve done for you.

When you need a gas fireplace for your home, call us at 315-768-2323, and we will be more than happy to assist you.