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Radon Testing Mitigation Fred CollisAre you concerned that radon gas could be a problem at your home or commercial property? Fred F. Collis & Sons can help. Extreme radon gas levels can cause health concerns, which is why we’re pleased to offer easy, convenient and affordable radon testing and mitigation services for your home or business.

When our skilled technicians come to your home or office to test for radon, they’ll use two radon-testing systems – active and passive. For active radon testing, a device that monitors and records radon levels in the air will be placed at the lowest point of your home or office building. After the monitoring process and completed, a report will be generated that indicates whether or not radon gas levels are at a dangerous point. Active radon testing gives results quickly, within 48 hours. Passive radon tests are usually done in areas where there is no access to a power source, and take much longer than active radon testing – up to 90 days.

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If radon testing is positive, Fred F. Collis & Sons can assist with radon mitigation measures.

If your home or business’s radon test comes back indicating high radon levels, Fred F. Collis & Sons is able to assist as well. We provide radon abatement systems that are both affordable and easy to install, and will lower the amounts of radon gas to safer, more manageable levels. We offer a sub-slab radon mitigation system that provides a reliable, long-lasting solution that has been proven to help homes stay healthier and radon-free.

Radon Service AreaThe sub-slab radon mitigation system works the following way:

  • Suspected radon seepage points are sealed
  • PVC pipe is installed to collect soil gases
  • The radon is then piped upward in the home or commercial property
  • Radon is forced out of the house by a radon depressurization vent


Depending on your home or commercial building’s structure, we’ll work to find the best radon abatement solution possible, and we’ll customize a system based on your building’s unique needs. Our technicians have received the appropriate training in radon testing and abatement, and are licensed to perform the radon mitigation services you need in order to stay safely in your home. Your comfort and safety is always our priority, which is why Fred F. Collis & Sons provides the highest quality solutions while holding ourselves to the highest industry standards.

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Choose Fred F. Collis & Sons for your entire radon defense needs:

If radon gas is a concern in your home or office, don’t leave testing and mitigation to just anyone – trust the experts at Fred F. Collis & Sons to meet your radon testing and abatement needs. Just call us at 315-768-2323, and we’ll be happy to help you.