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Radon Testing Fred Collis

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If you’re worried that radon gas may be present in your Utica, NY home, now is the right time for radon testing from Fred F. Collis & Sons. Radon gas is carcinogenic, and there is a link between radon exposure and lung cancer. The good news is, you don’t have to live with radon gas in your Utica, NY home – let our experts perform radon testing and, if needed, radon mitigation.

Our technicians have been specially trained to perform a Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM) test in your home. This radon testing equipment has been proven to be the most reliable in the industry, providing accurate results in as few as 48 hours. We’ll inspect your home, install the CRM radon detector, and after the test is complete, we’ll sit down with you and discuss your options.

Our trained technicians are qualified to perform radon testing in the Utica, NY area.

Radon Testing Service AreaWhen you contact Fred F. Collis & Sons for radon testing, we’ll schedule a time to visit your home that’s best for you. Then, we’ll come to your Utica, NY home and install our CRM radon-testing device in the best area to ensure accurate results. We’ll then make a second appointment to come read your CRM test results right on the spot – so you’ll have the information you need immediately.

If your Utica, NY home has radon levels that are above the recommended limit, we’ll work with you on creating a radon mitigation system customized to the needs of your home. Our technicians are radon inspection, testing and mitigation experts, so you can rest assured that they’ll help you make the right decision for your home – and your family’s safety.

If radon gas is a concern in your Utica, NY home, don’t leave testing and abatement to just anyone – trust the experts at Fred F. Collis & Sons to meet your radon mitigation needs. Just call us at 315-768-2323, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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