Heat pump being turned onLooking for an alternative to your aging furnace and central AC systems? High efficiency heat pump installation from Fred F. Collis & Sons can save you money while delivering whole home comfort! Heat pump technology can be used in a number of customizable ways to find the right HVAC solution for your home.

  • Ducted heat pumps and ductless mini split options available

  • All electric—doesn’t run on fossil fuels

  • Significant energy savings

  • Year-round comfort with both heating and cooling settings

  • Customizable set-up can target specific rooms or areas of your house

  • Many costumes receive thousands of dollars in savings when they Count on Collis to walk them through the available rebates and incentive programs!

    • Customers of major utility companies, such as National Grid, can receive $1,000 off per 10,000 BTUs of energy saved through the installation of the heat pump system.

    • Income qualified individuals may even receive 50% off, up to $5,000 off the cost of a new heat pump system.

    • For individuals that can also provide a current HEAP approval letter, they can receive an additional $3,000 off per 10,000 BTUs in energy savings. In some cases, this can cover up to 100% of the cost of a new heat pump system.

What Are Heat Pumps?

Air source heat pumps are all-electric heating and cooling systems. Similar to air conditioners, heat pumps don’t actually create heat—they move it from one place to another.

In the summer, heat pumps take the heat from the air in your home and send it outside, cooling you down. In the winter, the process is reversed; heat pumps absorb heat from ambient outdoor air (even very cold air) and transfer it inside to warm your house.

Because heat pumps have both heating and cooling settings, they offer a year-round alternative to traditional HVAC systems like furnaces, boilers, or A/Cs. And you’ll notice the difference right away in energy savings and lower utility bills.

Fred F. Collis & Sons Can Help You Find the Right Heat Pump / Ductless Mini Split for Your Home

fred f collis heating system repair service area

Looking to replace your entire HVAC system, and already have a solid central ductwork system installed in your home? A ducted heat pump connects directly to your ductwork, and delivers conditioned air out of the existing vent registers. 

On the other hand, if you have leaky or nonexistent ductwork, or are looking to supplement your existing system and target specific rooms or areas of your home, ductless mini splits are installed directly in the areas of your home where you need heating and cooling relief. Split unit HVAC systems like mini splits are great candidates for:

  • “That one room” or part of your house that’s always too hot or too cold

  • Bonus rooms, additions, or garages without duct access

  • Families looking to keep create comfort “zones” in their home with different temperature levels

Plus, Fred F. Collis & Sons is a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, so you can feel confident that the Mitsubishi Electric mini splits installed in your home will not only be top of the line HVAC systems and the best mini split heat pumps for the cold weather in Upstate New York (they’ll continue pumping out heat even in temperatures as low as -17°F!), but they’ll also be installed and maintained by trained heat pump experts.

You Benefit When You Upgrade with Fred F. Collis & Sons

You can lower your ducted heat pump or ductless mini split installation costs with HVAC incentives available through Fred F. Collis & Sons, including:

  • Low interest loan options for energy efficient home upgrades through NYSERDA

  • Up to $5,000 in rebates for income-qualified households through Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

Upgrade your home with a heat pump or mini split AC and heat system installation. Call 315-768-2323 or contact us to find the right option for your home.

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