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Homeowners throughout the Mohawk Valley want to feel safe and healthy inside their homes, but understandably don’t always recognize that their homes could be leading to health issues.

The main problem is that symptoms of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) aren’t always the obvious link to issues inside your Utica, Rome, or Herkimer home.

Are you suffering from any of the following?

  • Sneezing & coughing

  • Headaches, dizziness & fatigue

  • Irritation of the eyes, nose & throat

  • Allergy-like symptoms

If so, there’s a strong chance that your symptoms may be directly related to the air inside your home!

What Are the Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Unfortunately, there are a number of issues and situations in your home that could be contributing to air quality issues, including:

  • Carbon monoxide leaks from your furnace

  • Pet dander, dust, and dirt

  • Old home insulation that contains asbestos

  • Household cleaning products

  • Excess moisture, leading to humidity and mold growth

  • Radon, pesticides, and outdoor air pollutants getting inside

What Services Are Available to Make My Air Healthier?

Air purifiers are a great way to help reduce pollutants in your home that are circulating in your central air system.

iWave air purifiers use patented technology called needle-point bi-polar ionization to reduce viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, particles, smoke and odors in your air. Fred F.Collis & Sons, iWave air cleansing diagram, Mohawk Valley, NY

RGF also manufactures a number of air purifiers, including:

Duct cleaning is one of our most popular services and it's easy to see why. This simple service can help prevent many pollutants from hitching a free ride on the air that your HVAC system is circulating throughout your home. How often should you clean your HVAC ducts? Three to five years is the recommended rule of thumb for professional duct cleaning.

Duct Cleaning Before and After

HVAC filters are another important component of keeping your indoor air healthy. They both trap harmful particulates and prevent them from circulating throughout your home, but also keep your systems running efficiently when cleaned or replaced regularly. Our team can install a number of high-quality air filters in your home, including:

Energy assessments (which can lead to more comprehensive home energy audits) are a great way to determine if you could benefit from new insulation and air sealing. Old insulation, combined with small cracks and gaps in the building materials of your home, can not only lead to high heating and cooling costs and poor indoor comfort but can contribute to air quality issues as well. Wet insulation can grow mold, pests, and rodents can eat, nest, and produce animal waste, and air leaks can let outdoor air pollutants infiltrate your home.

Call 315-768-2323 or contact us today to schedule an appointment for any of the above. You can always Count on Collis!

Fight back against the allergens in your home air.

Fred F. Collis has IAQ solutions for you.


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