Air Sterilization Improvement & Maintenance

HVAC filters UticaCould your home be making you sick? According to the World Health Organization, 60 percent of indoor air quality problems and allergies may be mold-related. Molds can produce serious and sometimes life-threatening reactions, including allergies, asthma and hypersensitivity, among others.

Today’s homes are built to be tighter and less drafty, and while this helps them be more energy efficient, it can wreak havoc with indoor air quality because they retain more humidity and airborne pollutants, including mold, germs, bacteria and viruses. And, more airborne contaminants mean more allergic reactions and sickness.

Mold is difficult to control and can occur anywhere conditions permit, like the inside of your ductwork and air conditioning equipment. It also contributes to dirty coils, loss of airflow and heat exchange efficiency, dirty or plugged drain pans, and unnecessary energy use.

How can Fred F. Collis & Sons help me if mold is an issue in my home?
The most successful way to handle mold is with ultraviolet (UV) germicidal lights. UV light has been used for many years in hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical plants, and the Centers for Disease Control. Residential units have been proven to be effective in killing bacteria and mold in heating and cooling systems. In addition to improving indoor air quality and allergies, they can also eliminate many hidden odors. If mold is a concern in your home, call us today at 768-2323, and we will be happy to help.