Collis Offers a Carrier® Ductless AC Lineup

The hot season will soon return, and you might have already started to recall all those sweltering days last summer when you wished you had air conditioning in your home or business to keep you cool.

If the problem holding you back from having a new or improved AC system installed is the lack of proper ductwork, that’s no real problem at all thanks to the Carrier® ductless line.

These units are ideal for anywhere that lacks ductwork and may not be able to support its installation. “Less” becomes “more” when it’s the Carrier ductless AC — more flexibility of installation, more efficiency, and, best of all, more comfort.

The PERFORMANCE RESIDENTIAL SERIES DUCTLESS offers the choice of an air conditioner unit for hot season cooling or a heat pump for cool-season heating, with systems for open floor plans or multiple rooms. The High Wall Air Conditioner 38/40GXC delivers up to 16 SEER (the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio — the output during a typical cooling season divided by the total electric energy input used during the same time. The higher the air conditioner’s SEER rating, the higher its energy efficiency). There is also a wireless remote and variable-speed inverter compressor with a sound output of as low as 31 decibels.

The PERFORMANCE COMMERCIAL SERIES DUCTLESS has in-ceiling, cassette or high-wall ductless systems boasting a perfect balance of performance and economy. They are available as air conditioners or heat pumps. The high-wall model is 38HDF/40QNC and has a SEER of 13 with wireless remote, a single-stage scroll compressor, and an extended range cooling kit available with 38 decibels of sound. The cassette model is 38HDF/40KMC and has a 13 SEER with a single-stage scroll compressor, an optional fresh air intake, and an extended range cooling kit available with 31 decibels. The under ceiling model 38HDR/40QAC delivers a 13 SEER with a single-stage scroll compressor, fresh air intake, and extended range cooling kit available with 44 decibels.

The COMFORT RESIDENTIAL/COMMERCIAL SERIES DUCTLESS boasts Carrier’s most economical way to cool and heat your home and office comfort zones. The wall mounted model 38/40MVC delivers a 13 SEER with a single-stage rotary compressor, wireless remote, and extended range cooling kit available, with 28 decibels of sound.

And while you are researching your choice, be sure to check on ENERGY STAR® qualifications for whatever models you are interested in. Fred F. Collis & Sons is here to make sure your air conditioning system is the best match for your individual situation. For expert advice and service, give us a call today at (315) 790-6651.

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