Savings Programs with Fred F. Collis & Sons: CNY's Home Comfort Experts.

At Fred F. Collis & Sons, we believe in providing our valued customers with cost-effective solutions to enhance their comfort while saving on energy expenses. Our team is committed to offering tailored programs that fit your needs and budget.

Savings Programs with Fred F. Collis & Sons:

Rebates and incentives with Fred F. Collis

At Collis, we have an entire team dedicated to helping you navigate the many savings options available through state, utility and manufacturer rebate and incentive programs.These financial incentives can significantly offset the costs of HVAC upgrades and encourage energy-efficient choices. In many cases, our customers have qualified to have their home improvement projects, including insulation, air sealing, and the installation of energy-efficient equipment, such as heat pumps, done completely free. The process starts with a Free Home Energy Assessment conducted by one of our expert energy advisors. 

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Financing with Fred F. Collis

Collis offers multiple financing options to help our customers with their home service upgrades. Specific financing programs change throughout the years, so our team stays on top of all available options to help save you money on financing your project, ensuring you can always Count on Collis to walk you through your best options.

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Collis Club Member with Fred F. Collis

Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring your HVAC  heating or cooling system operates at its peak efficiency. Our annual maintenance  HVAC service plans offer scheduled inspections,  tune-ups, and cleaning of your heating and cooling equipment with various options to meet your specific needs depending on your bundle. By keeping your system well-maintained, you can avoid costly breakdowns, extend the lifespan of your equipmentHVAC components, and optimize energy efficiency.

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Oil budget plans with Fred F. Collis

We understand the strain that the winter season and its accompanying heating oil expenses can impose on families, particularly during the holiday period. To provide relief, we’ve introduced our CAP Oil Budget Plan, offering the advantage of manageable monthly payments, price protection, reliable deliveries, and annual system maintenance. With our budget plan, there’s no need to worry about unexpected, costly heating oil bills. The Collis Difference – We don’t just deliver the oil, we have a team available to service your heating system, as well, including emergency repairs.

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Benefits of Fred F. Collis & Sons Savings Programs:


At Fred F. Collis & Sons, we are dedicated to helping you save money while enjoying the full benefits of a comfortable home. Contact us today to speak to one of our home comfort experts about the savings programs available for your home comfort needs!

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