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Historically, basements haven’t had much going on down there. Up until recently, it’s basically been home to your water heater, furnace, and a few cobwebs. But with the popularity of finished basements, many homeowners in the NY area find themselves spending more and more time in the lowest floors of their home. Basement insulation becomes critical in keeping these new living areas of your abode comfortable and energy-efficient.

Benefits of Basement Insulation

Most basement walls are made of cinder or concrete and they, while incredibly sturdy, aren’t particularly efficient at keeping climate-controlled air inside your home. Many CNY homeowners find that spray foam insulation helps supplement their walls’ ability to keep the inside of their home comfortable. Basement insulation installation can:

  • Increase family use of the basement areas
  • Enhance indoor comfort
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Extend the life of heating and cooling equipment
  • Reduce moisture and musty smells

Where Do You Apply Basement Insulation?

Before the insulation team does anything, we typically start with a comprehensive energy audit. This helps us see exactly where your home is losing the most energy and where we should focus our insulation efforts. Using our industry-leading testing methods and thermal imaging tools, we can identify areas in your basement causing discomfort and energy loss. While every home is unique, we find that there are some common culprits in basements.

  • Rim Joists: These are where the floor joists connect with the sill plate at the top of your basement walls. This area is leaky and can conduct heat out of the basement. Rim joists are easily sealed with spray foam to eliminate air leakage and energy loss.
  • Basement walls: Adding spray foam insulation can prep basement walls for finishing off with sheetrock for added living area. Spray foam will also help mitigate moisture problems on basement walls making your basement area more comfortable.

An Expert Basement Insulation Installation Team 

Whether you’re looking to transform your basement into a warm, inviting living area for your family, or just looking to save some money on HVAC costs, basement insulation can help you out. Spray foam insulation is excellent, but due to its chemical nature, it’s best installed by licensed, trained professionals – like the insulation team at Fred F. Collis & Sons. With our years of basement insulation experience, the insulation pros at Fred F. Collis & Sons can help you save money and energy with basement insulation.

Convert your cold damp basement into a comfortable living space with spray foam insulation. Contact us or call 315-768-2323 to get started with insulating your basement. Or check out one of our many five star reviews from our happy customers on Google!

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