Save Money this Winter with a High Efficiency Boiler for Your Utica, NY Home

February 10, 2014

When winter hits in this area, you know you’re going to need to rely on your home’s boiler system in order to keep your house warm. With outdoor temperatures sometimes declining into subzero numbers, your boiler could be called upon to work overtime – and that can lead to higher utility bills. If the boiler in your Utica, NY home is more than 15 years old, the chances are you’re probably not getting the efficiency you need in order to save money and energy in your home. If you’ve noticed your boiler has to work harder to keep you and your family warm, and your utility bills have skyrocketed, it might be time to consider a high-efficiency boiler from Fred F. Collis & Sons.

First of all, how does your boiler work? Actually, quite simply – it heats water, and provides either hot water or steam for heating your home. The heated water usually works with baseboard or radiant floor heating, where steam is used in steam radiators. Boilers have an average life expectancy of 15 to 30 years, but the older your boiler is, the less efficient it is. Older boilers might be only 50 percent efficient. That’s why if your boiler is more than 15 years old, you might want to consider a high efficiency boiler installation for your Utica, NY home. In order to operate, boilers require gas, propane, heating oil, biodiesel or electricity. It’s how well that they use these fuel sources that determines the boiler’s level of efficiency.

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, or the AFUE measures the efficiency of a boiler. The AFUE of a boiler the ratio of annual heat output of the boiler compared to the annual consumption of fossil fuel by the appliance. If, for instance, the boiler in your home is 20 years old, you’re probably getting less than 60 percent AFUE. That means, 40 percent of the energy that goes into heating your home is lost – costing you more on your utility bills. But, if you install a high efficiency boiler in your Utica, NY home, you can enjoy up to 90 percent AFUE, which will keep your home more comfortable for less. It should be noted that the AFUE ratings of boilers vary based on the kind of fuel used, and whether the boiler provides steam or radiant hot water heat.

Before you buy a high-efficiency boiler for your Utica, NY home, you’ll want to make sure that your home is as energy-efficient as possible otherwise. That means making sure you have the right insulation, that your home is free of drafts and that your ductwork is free of leaks. Once your home has improved energy efficiency, you’ll be able to save even more on your boiler, because you can heat your home more effectively with a smaller sized unit. A good heating contractor will be able to size your boiler properly based on your home’s current efficiency and layout. A high-efficiency boiler with the ENERGY STAR® label is ideal, and when you live in a cold climate like we experience here in Central New York, choosing the highest efficiency boiler available is generally a sound investment.

If you’re considering a high efficiency boiler for your Utica, NY home, then you should know you can count on the experts at Fred F. Collis & Sons Heating & Cooling. We have been helping customers with their boiler needs for more than 80 years, and we can help you get the high-efficiency boiler you’re looking for as well. We have the experience to install your new high quality boiler system, and to help you ensure that it stays running at top performance for years to come. Our technicians are trained to not only install your boiler system, but to offer expert maintenance and repair services as well. They can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of the condition of your boiler, and show you the best maintenance solution to keep your high-efficiency boiler running perfectly, keeping your home comfortable and energy efficient.

And, customer service is always a top priority at Fred F. Collis & Sons. We want to make sure that you get the boiler solution you need for your home, all while being mindful of your time and your budget. Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we’re never finished with the job until you’re 100 percent satisfied with the boiler services we’ve provided. Most of all, we don’t want you to tough out another Central New York winter with minimal home comfort – and outrageous utility bills. If you’ve decided it’s time to install a high-efficiency boiler in your Utica, NY residence, then trust Fred F. Collis & Sons. Just give us a call at 315-790-6651 – we’ll make you comfortable.

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