When AC Repair in Your Rome, NY Home is No Longer the Best Option

April 24, 2017

When you turn on your air conditioning system, you notice your home just isn’t staying as cool as it used to. You might notice some areas that are cooler than others. On the other hand, the AC may not seem to be working in some areas of the home at all. If you have an older air conditioning system, AC repair for your Rome, NY home may no longer be your best option. The ENERGY STAR website shares some information on when you might want to consider replacing your system rather than opting for AC repair.

ENERGY STAR explains that there are definite signs the AC system in your home will show. Most of these signs are good indicators that you’ll need a system upgrade. If you’re experiencing any of these signs, you’ll likely want to call Fred F. Collis & Sons. We can evaluate your system and let you know if AC repair is right for your Rome, NY home. We’ll also explain why a replacement may be necessary.

ENERGY STAR offers a few indicators that may mean you need AC repair or replacement in your Rome, NY home.

  • Is your air conditioning system more than 10 years old? If so, it may not be as energy efficient or as effective as it used to be. That means you’re not getting the cooling you need. What’s more, you may be paying a lot more for AC than you would with a newer, more efficient system.
  • Do you need frequent AC repair for your Rome, NY home? If the answer to that is “yes,” then new air conditioning may be in order. If you need a large, expensive repair, you might want to consider the cost versus the price of a new, high-efficiency system.
  • Is your cooling system noisy? Noises in your AC system can mean problems with your air conditioner’s indoor coil. Be especially attentive of squealing or high-pitched whistling noises. These usually mean parts of your system are on the verge of a breakdown, and need professional attention soon.
  • Are some of your rooms too hot or too cold? This indicates that your air conditioning system isn’t working properly, or may be undersized (or oversized) for your home.
  • Are your utility bills unusually high? If you’re paying more than what it normally costs to run AC in your home, then it’s likely your unit is not operating efficiently. As we mentioned above, older models are especially prone to inefficiency.

If you’re experiencing the above issues, it’s time to give Fred F. Collis & Sons a call.

We can help you determine whether you need AC repair for your Rome, NY home. By the same token, we can show you how newer, more efficient AC can help you stay cool and save money on your energy bills. To find out more, all you need to do is give us a call at our Rome, NY location at 315-688-7128. We will be happy to work with you to find the air conditioning solution that’s right for you, your family, and your home.

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