How Insulation & Air Sealing Help Your Home Year-Round

November 12, 2018
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Many homes have air leaks and gaps in insulation, making them less comfortable and energy efficient than they could be. For a more comfortable and efficient home year-round, make sure it is properly sealed and insulated.

How Insulation Works

Insulation acts as a thermal barrier that controls heat flow into and out of the home.

In the summer, insulation keeps outside from entering.

In the winter, insulation prevents indoor heat from escaping.

How Air Sealing Works

Air sealing gets rid of holes and cracks that allow air to travel into and out of the attic.

In the summer, heat from the attic doesn’t seep into the home.

In the winter, indoor heat doesn’t escape into the attic.

Why Air Seal & Insulate Together?

Air sealing and insulation work hand in hand to target home comfort and efficiency issues. Together, they offer benefits such as:

  • Stable indoor temperatures
  • Greater overall comfort
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Healthier indoor air quality

Start with an Energy Assessment

Proper insulation and air sealing starts with a home energy assessment. This assessment helps you locate problem areas and determine exactly where insulation and air sealing are needed. Our assessments include:

Visual Inspection

A home performance technician will visually inspect your home for obvious air leaks and insulation gaps.

Diagnostic Testing

A technician will use infrared imaging and other techniques to uncover reasons for discomfort and high energy use.


You’ll receive a complete report about your home, including a list of recommended improvements.

An energy assessment is your first step towards a more comfortable and efficient home.

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