How to Save Money on AC Cooling Costs This Summer

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Some homeowners may experience an increase in their energy bills when the warmer months roll around. Fortunately, there are many ways you can keep the costs of running your AC system as low as possible without compromising your home’s comfort needs. Fred F. Collis & Sons has tips on saving money on cooling costs this summer.

Increase Air Circulation With Ceiling Fans

Try turning on your ceiling fans if your house feels stuffy. Since ceiling fans create a wind chill effect, you can then turn down your thermostat a couple of degrees from your normal AC temperature setting. This allows you to save on cooling costs without putting your AC unit under unnecessary strain over the summer months.

Utilize Smart Temperature Control

These days, many homeowners are investing in smart temperature control devices that offer comfort and energy savings. They offer plenty of features, including scheduling, location-based controls, air filter monitoring and more. Additionally, smart thermostats help you save up to 25% energy on your monthly bills. Carrier, for example, has excellent technology when it comes to smart thermostats for temperature control.

Install Your Thermostat on the Right Wall

The placement of your thermostat in your home can have a significant impact on how well the device works. For example, if you place your thermostat on a wall right next to a window, the thermostat will perceive the room to be hotter than it is. You should also avoid putting your thermostat in a room you rarely use because it may be cooler than the rest of your home. It’s best to place your thermostat in a main room such as a living room, and install it on an interior wall. This way, your thermostat gets the most accurate readings and does not over-cool your home.

Schedule Annual AC Tune-Ups

Your AC system may have issues you’re not aware of. This makes your unit work harder to keep your home comfortable, increasing your cooling bills along the way. To prevent this from occurring, get your AC serviced at least once a year. HVAC experts recommend doing this at the start of the summer season to make sure your unit is in top-notch condition.

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