Increase Home Comfort This Winter with Fred F. Collis & Sons

January 4, 2019

‘Tis the season of cold winds and snow, and homeowners from Rome and Frankfort down to Waterville are looking for ways to keep the winter weather out of their homes. Warm blankets and slippers are a good start to increasing home comfort, but thats really only treating the symptoms. Did you know there’s more you can do to battle winter woes like ice-cold floors and indoor drafts? With the right home improvements, cold floors, drafts, and chilly rooms can be a thing of the past.

Not sure what your home needs for greater comfort this winter? It all starts with a home energy audit.

Diagnose Home Comfort Issues with an Energy Audit

An energy audit is an in-depth assessment of your home’s overall energy efficiency and comfort. It includes diagnostic testing such as:

  • Exterior & interior inspection
    A fully trained, BPI certified technician will perform an in-depth visual inspection to pinpoint obvious reasons for comfort issues.
  • Blower door test
    This important test assesses how much air leakage there is in your home and helps reveal problem areas like air leaks and insulation gaps.
  • Infrared thermal imaging
    An infrared camera detects where air leaks are in your walls, plus where new insulation could be installed for greater indoor comfort.

These diagnostic tests will uncover what’s causing comfort issues like cold floors, drafts, and hard-to-heat rooms.

Maybe, for example, air leaks are letting heat rise into the attic and outside air to seep into the living room and kitchen; or maybe an under-insulated basement is making your hardwood floors as cold as ice. Perhaps it’s your heating system that needs an upgrade. You won’t know for sure unless you have one of our home performance experts come and inspect your home!

Find Out Which Upgrades Will Make Your Home Cozier

After your energy audit, our technician will provide a report of their findings, including recommended measures for greater efficiency and comfort. Some of the top upgrades we recommend here in Upstate New York are:

Air sealing & insulation

Air sealing closes air leaks which let air seep inside, escape into the attic, and more. Insulation works hand-in-hand with air sealing to keep valuable heat indoors and stabilize indoor temperatures during the winter.

Duct sealing

Duct sealing addresses leaks and gaps which allow valuable air to escape your ductwork and contaminated air to seep into your ductwork.

Heating system upgrades

Upgrading to more energy efficient heating equipment can help you feel more comfortable while lowering annual heating costs.

Stay Cozy at Home All Winter Long

This winter, go ahead and grab a warm blanket and some slippers — but only if you want to! With an energy assessment and tailored home upgrades by Fred F. Collis & Sons, you can feel comfortable inside your home regardless of whether you’re wrapped in a cozy blanket.

We proudly serve homeowners in the greater Utica area, including Rome, Herkimer, Clinton, and Whitesboro.

Increase your home comfort this winter with an energy audit by one of our BPI-certified technicians. Call 315-897-5348 or contact us to get started!

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