When you choose Fred F. Collis & Sons to meet your home comfort needs, we make it a priority to save you money! There are a number of financial assistance programs available for you to take advantage of, and we will walk you through all of the ways you can qualify. We work with;

  • New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) EmPower Program

  • Assisted Home Performance (AHP) with ENERGY STAR 

  • New York State Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

  • Service and Rebates through NATIONAL GRID

With Collis, you’ll receive quality work and upgrades for your house, and we’ll help you qualify for significant rebates and financial assistance programs! 

EmPower New York Program helps you Save Money!

Here at Fred F. Collis & Sons, we offer the NYSERDA EmPower New York Program. Under the EmPower program, New York provides NO-COST energy efficiency solutions to income-eligible New Yorkers. Whether you own your home or rent, Fred F. Collis & Sons will assess if your home would benefit from FREE energy upgrades such as:

  • Free home assessments to identify areas for energy improvements

  • Free tips on how to save energy (and reduce utility costs)

  • Free attic and wall insulation and air sealing*

  • Free refrigerator and freezer*

  • And more!

*Upgrades are chosen and approved based on energy savings criteria and is at the discretion of the Empower NY program. 

Are you wondering if you qualify for financial assistance from EmPower New York? Homeowners and renters must meet income requirements to qualify for EmPower New York. You may be eligible if you can answer “yes” to these statements:

  • Your household income is below 60% of the state median income (see the chart below to see if your income fits) OR you participate in a utility payment assistance program

  • You are an electricity customer of Central Hudson, Con Edison, National Grid, NYSEG, Orange and Rockland, Rochester Gas & Electric and pay SBC OR you heat with oil, propane, or kerosene

Guidelines set at 60% of the State Median Income

Household Size

Maximum Gross Annual Income



























EmPower New York Income Eligibility Guidelines

Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

If you don’t meet the criteria for the EmPower New York program listed above, you could still qualify for savings through Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program, with discounts covering 50% of the cost of eligible energy efficiency improvements, saving up to $5,000 per project for single-family homes. For 2-4 family homes, the subsidy cap will be raised to $10,000. 

Here are the income levels for qualifying households in Oneida, Herkimer, Fulton, Montgomery, Otsego, and Schoharie* counties:

Guidelines set at 80% of the State Median Income

House Occupancy

Household Income Limit





















Learn more about the Assisted Home Performance Program HERE

FREE Home Upgrades with EmPower New York & ENERGY STAR!

  • CO Detector

  • Smoke Detector

  • Combination CO/ Smoke Detector

  • Furnace Filter & Slot Cover 

  • LED Light Bulbs

  • Pipe Wrap

  • Programmable Thermostats

  • Weather-stripping and Door Sweeps

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) 

If you need help paying for the cost of heating your home, Fred F. Collis & sons will help you qualify for HEAP. With the help of HEAP, you may be eligible to receive energy efficiency services, which includes 

  • Cleaning of primary heating equipment

  • Chimney cleaning

  • Minor Repairs

  • Installation of carbon monoxide detectors 

  • Installation programmable thermostats 

Benefit amounts are based on the actual cost incurred to provide clean and tune services, up to a maximum of $400.

Your home may be eligible a Heating Equipment Tune-up benefits if:

  • You are the homeowner

  • Your household’s gross monthly income is at or below the current income guidelines 

  • Your primary heating equipment is more than 12 months old

  • Your primary heating equipment or chimney has not been cleaned within the last 12 months

If you think you qualify for HEAP please feel free to Contact us or Call us at 315-895-1941 to get started.

Heating Equipment Repair or Replacement Program (HERR)

If you receive HEAP benefits and your heating system is not working or needs replacement due to a catastrophic failure you may be eligible for this benefit. 

Service and Rebates through National Grid!

Get rebates up to $500 and reduce your heating costs by up to 30% when you upgrade to qualifying, space heating equipment including boilers, furnaces, and combination furnace-water heaters!! Increase your comfort and peace of mind, conserve energy, and save for years to come. It’s easy:

1. Work with us to select your equipment

2. Purchase and install at the service address

3. Complete and submit an online application with our help!

Reach out to Fred F. Collis & Sons today to find out how your family can benefit from any financing programs. Call 315-895-1941 or contact us to get started.

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