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January 19, 2022

Fireplaces have always been a fixture in New York homes. But gone are the days of traditional wood-burning fireplaces that blow smoke into the room and sting the eyes. Today, there’s a better, more efficient option: gas. There are plenty of things to love about a gas fireplace, and we’d love to share just a few of them with you here.

  • Ease of use and convenience. Unlike traditional fireplaces, gas fireplaces eliminate the arduous, time-intensive task of collecting, chopping and storing firewood. If you want to light a fire, all it takes is a simple flip of a switch. Gas fireplaces can even be controlled remotely or set on a timer. Not only that–this option doesn’t require a chimney, which means you can install them in more areas of your home.


  • Improved safety. There are no sparks, open flames or toxic fumes involved with using a gas fireplace. If you have small children and pets, you’ll find this to be a great benefit. Because gas fireplaces don’t produce creosote or ash, they’re also easier to clean and maintain. Of course, it’s still important to schedule regular inspections with a trusted gas fireplace specialist.


  • Increased energy efficiency. Gas fireplaces are easier and more cost-effective to install, but did you know they can also help you save a fair amount on your heating costs? That’s because they take away the drafts and heat loss typically associated with traditional fireplaces.

Where to Get the Best Gas Fireplaces

For homeowners in the Greater Utica area, our lineup of gas fireplaces from Napoleon® allows for improved indoor comfort while also serving as an instant focal point in whichever room they’re installed. Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help you explore your available options.

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