5 Reasons You Need AC Maintenance for Your Utica, NY Home

April 13, 2017

With summer right around the corner, chances are you’ll need your air conditioning system sooner than later. But if your system hasn’t been properly serviced, it may not function as well as you’d like. The good news is, you can keep your system running well by getting annual AC maintenance for your Utica, NY home. Even the Department of Energy agrees that annual maintenance is the best way to ensure your system runs great.

Five reasons you might want to get AC service include:

Your system will run more effectively.

Dirty filters, dirty coils and low refrigerant can all affect how your system runs. A clean system operates much more effectively, as does having the right amount of refrigerant. By getting AC maintenance for your Utica, NY home, you and your family will enjoy better comfort.

Your system will run more efficiently.

In addition to keeping your AC from being effective, dirty coils and filters can also affect system efficiency as well. When your system has to work harder to keep you cool, it only stands to reason that it’ll use more energy. Maintaining your system helps keep utility bills manageable.

You can catch small fixes before they become expensive repairs.

Aside from saving money on utility bills, maintenance can help catch small issues with your system early. That often means that these repairs are smaller and less expensive. But, if those same little issues are go unnoticed, they can mean a breakdown – and a large repair bill – later on.

You’ll do the environment some good.

If your system isn’t cooling your home efficiently, that could mean it’s leaking refrigerant – and that’s not good for the environment. When you get AC maintenance for your Utica, NY home, your technician will check for leaks, and if there is one, they’ll repair it and recharge your system.

Your equipment will thank you.

A major advantage to properly maintaining your system is that your equipment will enjoy a longer life. Keeping it clean, making small fixes, keeping your refrigerant properly charged and tuning up your AC on a yearly basis all help it last longer, saving you money now and in the long run.

As you can see, AC maintenance for your Utica, NY home is important. By the same token, hiring the right HVAC company for the job is, too. That’s why you should call Fred F. Collis & Sons to help you with your air conditioning maintenance needs. We are a full-service air conditioning contractor, so you can count on us to meet all of your needs. Simply call us at 315.897.5348, and one of our friendly associates will be happy to assist you.

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