A Generator for Your Rome, NY Home Can Help When Stormy Weather Hits

January 5, 2017
Even though summertime means warm, sunny weather, it can also mean summer storms. The heavy rains, high winds and damaging hail from those storms can wreak havoc with electric lines. And that means you might find yourself without power. Most people agree that losing power is an inconvenience, but it can also be very costly. How can installing a generator for your Rome, NY home help?

First of all, when you have a generator you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience a power outage can bring. You’ll be able to use your appliances, take hot showers and even watch television or use the internet. The generators of today are made to run on your existing natural gas or LP fuel supply. They’re quieter and more reliable than their counterparts from years gone by. And, HVAC dealers like Fred F. Collis & Sons offer professional installation, maintenance and repair for the generator for your Rome, NY home. That means you won’t have to worry – you’ll just enjoy the peace of mind that comes from owning a generator.

Okay, but how does a generator save me money?
You’re probably wondering if there are any benefits besides having power during an outage that come with owning a generator. The truth is, generators help in many intangible ways when storms hit. First of all, during a storm, your refrigerator and freezer obviously stop working. They power to keep items at the right temperatures for storage. According to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), food only stays cold in the fridge for four hours during an outage. And that’s if nobody opens the door (anyone with a family knows that’s practically impossible!) They also tell consumers that if food is not consumed within this time frame, it should be thrown away. Replacing the contents of your fridge is a huge expense.

Your freezer can maintain temperatures a little longer – 48 hours – but that depends on your current temperature settings and other factors, like ambient temperatures. A generator in your Rome, NY home, though, means you won’t have to worry about food spoiling. Your fridge and freezer will stay running and at the right temperatures all throughout the outage, so you know the food you’re feeding to your family is safe for them to consume.

A power outage can have an ill effect on your appliances, too. Many modern appliances are made to adapt to power outages. But, if you have older appliances or electronics, they may not fare as well. Safe Electricity, a division of the Energy Education Council, offers that appliances and electronics like microwaves, TVs and computers can sustain damage during outages. They recommend you unplug them if you don’t have a standby generator to help see you through the outage. If you’re not home during the power outage, you may find yourself having to replace those items – and that can be avoided if you have a generator.

How can Fred F. Collis & Sons help me?
Fred F. Collis & Sons proudly offers our customers top-of-the-line standby generators. These quality generators are designed to help you and your family weather the storm comfortably. What’s more, you won’t be faced with the high costs of replacing food items, appliances and electronics. We’ll help you get the right generator for your Rome, NY home and your needs. And, if you already have a generator, we can help with your generator maintenance and repair needs, too.

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