Dryer Vent Cleaning

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If you need dryer vent cleaning in your Utica, NY area home, don’t wait until it becomes a safety concern – call Fred F. Collis & Sons today. Lint-clogged clothes dryer vent ducts account for thousands of home fires annually. Regular cleaning can help, as well as improve your dryer’s performance and efficiency. Cleaning your lint trap with every load helps, but can’t prevent eventual clogging of your dryer vent by flammable lint.

If you haven’t cleaned or checked your dryer vent in the last four years, you could be at risk for a home fire. Fred F. Collis & Sons has the proper tools for effective dryer vent cleaning. We’ll clean your vent quickly – and without the mess – helping you stay safe and minimizing your risk for a dryer vent fire.

Trust Fred F. Collis & Sons to provide safe, professional dryer vent cleaning in your Utica, NY area home.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service AreaYou and your family deserve to live as safely and worry free as possible. That’s why Fred F. Collis & Sons is pleased to provide expert dryer vent cleaning, as well as:

Dryer vent cleaning not only will improve the performance of your dryer; it will also help keep your home safe from dryer vent fires. So don’t wait – call Fred F. Collis & Sons today at 315.768.2323 and schedule a professional dryer vent cleaning.