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EmPower NY Program Guide
March 10, 2021

Every year, homeowners waste countless amounts of money on excess energy usage due to an inefficient home. Many feel trapped in the rising costs of energy and are unaware of the options to better control and lower these costs. The Assisted Home Performance with Energy Star program allows homeowners to easily make smart investments into an energy-efficient home, thus helping income-eligible families to lower their energy bills while still living comfortably throughout the year.

The process begins with a home energy audit which provides a comprehensive look at where your home is wasting energy. This snapshot will help you better understand the root cause of inconsistent temperatures, drafts, cooling and heating failures and other problems you could be experiencing that are causing high utility bills. The assessment even outlines any safety hazards, like air quality, that could be improved.

See if you qualify:

AHP Eligibility Guidelines through June 30, 2021

Household Size 1 2 3 4 5
120% State Median Income $62,636 $81,908 101,180 $120,452 $139,724

How the Program Works

Participating in the Assisted Home Performance program is simple. Follow these steps to start the process and save money on energy:

Step One: Schedule the Home Energy Audit

A free home energy audit reviews the entire house for energy efficiency including the insulation, water heater, furnace, and identifying areas that have poor air sealing. This assessment analyzes how the various elements of your home, work to collaborate which impacts your energy and fuel usage. The result is a comprehensive overview of where your home is wasting energy and the assessor provides a detailed report of recommended internal and external improvements to make.

Step Two: Apply for the Program

Our team here at Collis can walk you through the application process and help to make it easy as possible for you to find out if you qualify. Simply give us a call or contact us through any of the forms on our website. We are always here to help.

Step Three: Customize A Plan

Once you have completed the energy assessment, you will review the results with the contractor to understand the recommendations highlighted in the analysis. These recommendations could include a variety of improvements ranging from adding insulation to utilizing energy-efficient lightbulbs or installed a high-efficiency furnace or Energy Star appliances. Ensure you understand all recommendations before proceeding to the next step and always ask any questions you may have as the contractor is there to help. Once you are satisfied with the answers and the assessment, you will need to sign a contract with the contractor.

Step Four: Apply for Financing

This is an optional step to help ease the costs of the recommendations. At Collis, we are able to offer you low-interest financing options to further assist in helping to make these upgrades as affordable as possible for you.

At Fred F. Collis & Sons, we can help you with this process and more, so contact us today to schedule your free energy audit!

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