Choosing the Air Conditioner That’s Right for Your CNY Home

June 5, 2013

Overwhelmed by all of the choices in air conditioners?

Maybe the memories of the sweltering heat you endured last summer have you finally committed to buying an air conditioner this season. In that case, the professionals at Fred F. Collis & Sons are right behind you. We have the technical know-how to make sure you have the right unit for the right job.

There are plenty of factors in choosing an air conditioner. The size of the areas you need to cool and configuration of walls, doors, and windows will play a big part, as well as the amount of individual rooms. But will you be best served by mini-split cooling or a central air system that will distribute cool, refreshing air all through your home or office? How big of a unit do you need? What do all of those air conditioning terms like BTU (British Thermal Units), EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio), and SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) really mean?

Maybe it’s not really something the average American without an engineering degree can figure out on their own. However, you are never alone when it comes to making sure you make the right decision in a major purchase like this. With only a few easy facts and figures about where you want to circulate that cool air, we can determine the right AC for your home.

You can’t go wrong with us, because Fred F. Collis & Sons prides ourselves on only selling the best quality air conditioning systems available.

Once you’ve made your choice, you can count on the expert installers from Fred F. Collis & Sons. We’ll make sure your air conditioning unit is installed promptly, professionally, and with top consideration to both safety and function. Our highly trained technicians will treat your home as if it is their own.

Later, if you do have a problem and need AC repairs, we’ll be right there with knowledgeable service.  We’ll  maintain the comfort level in your home or office that you are accustomed to and deserve.

Fred F. Collis & Sons is located at 5092 Commercial Drive in Yorkville, N.Y. We’re open Mondays through Fridays from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon.  For expert advice and service, give us a call today at (315) 790-6651 or fax (315) 768-4825.

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