Dryer Vent Cleaning in Central NY – Smart Home Safety

February 26, 2013

There are thousands of fires in homes across the country every year caused by lint buildup in dryer vent ducts. You diligently and regularly clean your lint traps, but try as you might, you likely won’t be able to remove all of the flammable debris that creeps into that ductwork. That’s where the professionals at Fred F. Collis & Sons come in.

We have experience and the precision equipment needed to thoroughly clean your dryer vent efficiently, completely, and without making a mess. Our technicians will go through the entire vent system to ensure the buildup of any combustibles is removed, leaving you with a dryer working just as safely as when it was installed.

In the meantime, you can lessen the threat of fire yourself by regularly cleaning not only the lint trap but inside, behind, and under the dryer where lint can also build up. When cleaning any clothes stained with flammable liquid like cooking oil, cleaning fluids, paints and stains, or gasoline you should wash them thoroughly — several times, if needed — and hang them on the clothesline rather than drying them in the dryer. Use dryer sheets rather than liquid fabric softener on any fleece, velour, or terry cloth clothing, because the liquid softener in rinse water actually accelerates the fabric’s burning speed.

Give Fred F. Collis & Sons a call today for a complete dryer vent cleaning, and you’ll know your home is safe from a dryer vent fire. You’ll likely also improve the efficiency and extend the life of the dryer itself at the same time. Don’t wait — call us at 768-2323 to schedule a cleaning appointment.

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