Preparing Your Heating System for Winter

October 21, 2012

There are three inevitabilities in Central New York … death, taxes, and a cold winter that will challenge your heating system to keep you warm and comfortable until the thaw of spring.

Now’s the time to make sure your heating equipment is ready for the chilly months ahead. Although you might be tempted to save some cash by waiting until you absolutely need the furnace to turn it on for the first time this season, we recommend a test run well in advance of the first snow. If something is in need of some attention, you don’t want to learn about it in the middle of the night when the temperatures drop below freezing. There are initial steps before firing up your system that you can take yourself. Make sure you have a clean furnace filter installed, and vacuum any dirt and dust away from the area around the furnace, especially near the air intakes. Make sure the ducts and vents are free from obstruction. If your furnace has an accessible oil reservoir, add a couple drops of a quality oil to keep it running smoothly.

The fall is a great time to have your furnace inspected by your friendly Fred F. Collis & Sons professional technician. Our trained comfort advisors will not only check your heating equipment for safety and energy efficiency, but also do a complete analysis of lifestyle and structural factors to make qualified recommendations how you can make your heating system run at its peak potential. You will receive a detailed report with all costs revealed and any questions answered before hand, and all work is guaranteed. At Fred F. Collis & Sons. we pride ourselves on being the most respected heating and cooling installation company in the Central New York area for more than 80 years. When you are in need of service, remember we repair all makes and models of heating and cooling equipment, and we will make an initial inspection and estimate for free.

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