Preparing Your HVAC System for Springtime in Utica, NY

April 26, 2013

Spring has sprung, and if your energy bills were higher than you’d like during the cold winter months, now is the perfect time to contact Fred F. Collis & Sons for a money-saving energy assessment.

Not sure you need that service? It’s easy to tell, especially now when we still have chilly weather that will point out any places around your home where heat escapes. A cold day is a good time to check your ducts, windows, and doors all through the home, the attic, and the basement for any signs of air leakage. Anywhere it feels cold and drafty is a spot where you are losing heat, or, in the summer time, the cooling power of your air conditioner. You can almost feel the dollar bills flowing out those cracks.

Since nearly half of your year-round home energy cost is spent preserving your comfort through your heating and cooling systems, investigating ways to improve their use will have a measurable — as well as pleasurable — effect on your bills.

You don’t need to be an expert to save money at home. With the help of your friendly Fred F. Collis & Sons professionals, we can recommend the improvements that will likely pay for themselves in only a short time. We can also recommend to you new heating and cooling systems that are ENERGY STAR certified as energy conscious, equipment that is both good for the environment and efficient in its operation.

Make sure your heating and cooling systems are operating at peak efficiency and as inexpensively as possible with a call to Fred F. Collis & Sons for an energy assessment. A fully trained, BPI-certified technician will use state-of-the-art equipment to locate any situations in your home causing energy loss, as well as any concerns for comfort and safety conduct the assessments.

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