Signs It’s Time to Get a New Water Heater

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February 11, 2021

Hot water makes the colder months bearable and more comfortable. If your water heater is not heating up or functioning properly, repairs or a replacement may be necessary. Even if your heating system has no issues, it’s still a good idea to have it checked regularly to avoid problems in the middle of winter.
Here are signs you need to replace your water heater.

It’s Around 10 Years Old

Water heaters usually last between eight to 12 years if it is of good quality. You’ll know it’s time to replace your existing one if the water it is producing is only lukewarm. A hot water tank should always have hot water in it anytime you need it. As the equipment ages, its components wear down and require replacement. Moreover, rust is a common problem in older hot water tanks.

It’s Making Weird Noises

Is your water heater producing creaking, clunking, and banging noises? These odd sounds are strong indications that something is wrong with the equipment. As soon as you notice them in your home, make sure to contact a technician to take a look.

It’s Producing Discolored Water

A water heater with issues can actually turn your water a different color. If you see that the water has a rust color, check where it is coming from. Turn on the cold water and see if it runs clear. Check the hot water as well and if it is discolored, then your water heater is the culprit. An experienced HVAC contractor can flush out the water and repair issues. However, if the water is still discolored after cleaning, a water heater replacement may be needed.
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