Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Summer

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August 5, 2021

Just like the weather, your indoor air quality changes with the seasons. As a homeowner, it’s best to be familiar with how the season affects the air indoors. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how your home’s indoor air quality changes in the summer and how to improve it.

Learn How Your Indoor Air Quality Changes During the Summer

During the summer, the temperature rises along with the level of mold, dust and humidity. Your indoor air quality can be affected, especially if you haven’t cleaned your ventilation system recently. Running your air conditioner to counter the heat and humidity will make your home more comfortable but won’t get rid of the dust in the air. There should be a good balance between outdoor air and indoor air for proper ventilation.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in the Summer

Always keep your floors clean. This will decrease the amount of pollen, dirt and other allergens and help you avoid possible health risks.

Your air ducts and filters should be clean and well-maintained. It’s important to have your ducts cleaned regularly. This can be achieved through a professional duct cleaning service. Pollutants can settle in the ductwork and be spread throughout your home each time you turn on your system. Likewise, high quality filters not only protect your unit and keep it running efficiently, but they also help to catch those allergens, protecting your family from breathing them in.

Add some potted plants indoors. Plants are natural air filters that absorb toxins and convert them to clean oxygen, thus improving air quality in the best way possible.

Have an air purifier / ionizer installed. Air purifiers or air ionization systems, such as the iWave-R, can be added to your existing system by a trusted indoor air quality specialist, like Fred F. Collis & Sons. These air purifiers are incredibly effective at getting rid of mold, dust and pet dander along with killing viruses and bacteria, making your indoor air much healthier for you and your family.

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