What Happens to Your Air Conditioner When It Hasn’t Been Used in Months?

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May 13, 2021

With many devices or appliances, if they haven’t been used in some time, they can start to have issues. Much like a car that hasn’t been started in months, dust can collect and accumulate in the suspension, brakes or air filter, causing them to malfunction. The same is true for your air conditioning system. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take before starting it back up that will protect your equipment.

Most AC Units Are Built to Last

Modern air conditioners are extremely durable, and manufacturers understand that people do not use air conditioning year-round. Most AC units are good for three to four months without being turned on, but any longer than that and problems might begin to develop.

If you ask any experienced HVAC contractor, the main problem you may encounter if your AC hasn’t been used in months is an accumulation of dust or debris, which can gum up the works.

Here Are Some Precautions to Take Before Starting Up an AC Unit That Hasn’t Been Used in a While

  • Check out the compressor. Before starting up an air conditioner that has been sitting for months, take a good look at the compressor and see if there’s a buildup of dust and debris. If there is, you’ll want to have that cleaned out.
  • Run it in fan mode first. Before going full-blast, make sure you let your air conditioner run in fan mode for at least 60 minutes. This will help clear out any dust in the system before you set it to the cooling function.

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